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PAWÓ means “bag” in a Mayan dialect. The idea of PAWÓ was born during a trip in Oaxaca, a traditional and folkloric region of Mexico, also well known for its Mezcal.

These bags, originally used as shopping bags, have now become one of the pillars of the Oaxaca craftsmanship.

PAWÓ uniqueness resides in the geometric designs coming from indigenous tribes and in the use of vivid colors, reflecting Oaxaca’s authenticity and joy, while bringing a modern and timeless twist. In Mexico City, a local craftsman brings the leather additions, part of the DNA of PAWÓ.
The brand’s main symbol, the “cangrejo”, is a crab from which the logo was originated.

PAWÓ uses recycled plastic and works with local communities to promote responsible trade and to put forward the diversity and cultural identity of this region.


PAWÓ was created by Laure des Lyons & Laura Urquijo, two French women living in Mexico since several years. Both are driven by the same motivation: start an entrepreneurial project to put forward the Mexican traditional knowhow and bring modernity and originality to it.

Values of PAWÓ

Timeless - Modern - Responsible Trade